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Giving critique to a model, especially for a nude model, is always a hard task, because you can’t avoid getting personal. From one part you have to speak about the model, and for the other, about the final product itself.

In your case however, I have an easier job speaking about you: I don't see any flaws. You are glamorous. You have a nice tone of skin, brown eyes and hair, giving a gentle harmony of colors, and while this picture is the only way I know you, I can’t shake the feeling, that you are somehow a kind person. Your body is the perfect case of the "slender lady" and natural, and while bare breasts are always the main attraction on a nude photo, your endlessly long legs and insinuating expression give a much more complex allure. Lying there, waiting just on the edge of a bed, in a pose such carefully equilibrating between lifelike and dreamy. This is not a picture of flesh, this is something more, this picture tells us a scene of a story, a tale of beauty and deep feelings.
The technique is also worth mentioning. How can a still-photo tell us something more than itself? I can see that you work with a pretty fine photographer, who just knows, how to make the scene come alive. A light of little dim sets the mood well, highlighting not just your skin, but your feminime curves as well, all the while setting you aside from the background, giving depth to the picture. Keeping the camera on landscape is the preferred choice to emphasize long legs and tallness.
Colors are well chosen, built not just only around you as the model, but as well for the purpose of the story. White sheet with rustic texture makes us wonder about feelings of touch; red covers spread out naturally and creased, with a nice war of lights and shades, gives the taste of erotica, of tense desire, well balancing out your calm and harmonius features. Blue and red, the classic contrast of cold and warm, always leading us back from the cool background to the gentle fire.
Calculating with the title, the picture does give of the decadent and artistic aura of the old Rome, but with a modern, metropolitan freshness.

So, let’s talk about the rating!
I admire your vision. Working with yourself as raw material, reimagining yourself, it’s a rare kind of creativity. I gave five stars.
While the fine girl lying on covers of red is around for ages, this reinventing of the roman decadence is exciting. Four stars.
Technique: not much more to talk about this. I can see the work and knowledge behind it. Five stars.
Impact: the picture makes me wonder about scenes and tales of glamour, allure, beauty, richeness, husky voices, velvety touches, smell of grapes and aftertaste of a dinner with fine wine, and somehow tragedy and fall, loss. While the last part is most certainly about me, the picture did make me start to weave fantasies. That’s a five star impact.

One of the better nudes on deviantart. One of the few worth mentioning as art.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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